Ep105 - Shiba Ben

Ben Borowski returns to the show to discuss moving to Canada and how it differs from the US, his “reckless” sex life, having a baby, and his cool Shiba dog (and video game it inspired found at www.shibashibagame.com). Plus my continued experiments with “praying,” back to school thoughts, John Oliver on “native advertising,” and my “seven times” theory. Also here's Ben's Spotify playlist.

Ep81 - Mike Drucker

Mike Drucker, staff writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, joins to talk about writing for SNL, the inspiration behind his tweets (including the crushing despair), classically awful video games, me being a video-game-dad, and lots of behind the scenes talk about what it’s like to write for Jimmy Fallon. Plus we talk The Meta-Barons, Broad City and my thoughts on the Squarespace logo creator controversy.