There are two kinds of people reading this:

The first are people who like podcasts. That's great! You're exactly who I want to talk to. My show is funny, personal, well produced and award winning. If you dig the humor shows on Earwolf, Feral, Nerdist, Max Fun, etc. than I can say with utmost certainty that you will really like our show.

I know what you're thinking "Hey, anyone can say that."

Dan Fields. Me!

Dan Fields. Me!

And I get it. Why should you trust me? By the way, when people say "I swear this is good, you can trust me? " aren't they usually full of horse shit? These are after all just words, and this is just the internet. Well let's have this be the first step in our new relationship together that I'm not full of horse shit. Hey, if you disagree, I urge you to tell me to fuck off. I like the criticism, especially if you can tell me why to fuck off and maybe even how if that's what you're into. I put a lot of heart and effort into my show, so I know you giving me an hour of your time each week is pretty rad. I promise not to waste it.

As for the second kind of person reading this, you likely don't listen to any podcasts. Hell, you might not even know what a podcast is or how to listen to them. And isn't podcast a dumb word anyways? Thanks a lot Steve Jobs.

A large number of my listeners had never listened to any other podcasts, and this show might be only one or two of the shows they do. So why do they? Because like any piece of media you consume weekly, once you pop, you can't stop. Ok, that was awful.

They listen because a friend might have recommended they give the show a try, and that friend always recommends cool shit. They were afterall the same friend who turned you onto Game of Thrones and never spoiled anything even though they'd already read the books and never shut up about it. Trust them. My show is good. And you know what they say about people who say that.

So here we are. You've made it this far. And if you've made it this far, then you can absolutely check out the show, you clearly have some extra time on your hands.

Eddie Galindo

Eddie Galindo


So what's the show about?

Each week I sit down with my co-host and brother-in-law Eddie and essentially try to make him laugh. I do this by sharing funny experiences I have in life, at work, or with my family through humorous unscripted observations that I save for the show and don't write out before hand or share with anyone else. We'll also do some bits and interview friends, comedians and other interesting people sometimes.

If this long story is my manifesto or business statement of sorts, then so be it. There's one million podcasts out there. So why listen to mine? Because you won't find a combination of a more genuine, funny and honest show out there.

So who are you guys and why should I care?

Dan and Eddie - June 2014

Dan and Eddie - June 2014

A listener once described me as a "filthy Ira Glass" which I thought was appropriate. I'm a normal, good guy who's not afraid to humiliate myself or tell a really embarrassing story if it's funny. I laugh at myself, hoping you will too.

Eddie and I are thirtysomething married fathers with a day jobs, and this show serves as our little piece of entertainment we're carving out in the world. I've also been told I say the things out loud people think or do when no one is watching, which I think makes me sort of a gross everyman. You'll like the show. I promise it's good. You can trust me.

Thanks for listening. --Dan