Ep239 - Sperm Bank

Oh boy we do a deep dive on what it’s like to be a man donating sperm and a woman buying sperm. It's a real deep dive, you’re going to learn and laugh. My 15 year old cat Jack is sick (can I bury him in my back yard?), Peter Pan is racist, the death penalty is dumb, am I allowed to make jewish jokes, some sex ed talk, who’s going to write some Dan and Eddie erotic fan fiction and a whole lot more. Also - who should sit in for Eddie next week? Let us know www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact

Ep237 - Flip Flop Guy

Spring is here and we’re in the mood. We talk going to the Drive-In, Beauty & the Beast (and Emma Watson), we discuss pop culture current events a bit (Pepsi, United, this Wendy’s chicken nugget idiot), shoutout to Topografiawine.com, I try out Fiverr, little bit on beastiality (of course), Flip Flop guy returns with a voicemail about the ‘butt tissue’, being ‘blessed’, the show Bunk’d which is racist and stinks and more!

Ep236 - Wet Paper Towel

Eddie and I (just Eddie and I!) are back in business. We read a bunch of listener reviews of the last show with Dylan (spoiler alert - the rudester ghouls are out), plus we also talk ‘Toastmasters’, bad verbal crutches, some shady people in my neighborhood, my son is going through sex education in school (plus ‘sex in a wheel chair’), Mike Pence not having dinner with women, I help someone in a public restroom, killing someone to make our show famous (we won’t), a little bit about S-Town and more!

Ep235 - Hijacked

Good buddy Dylan Schuck is in town for a wedding so he stops by the studio and sits down with Eddie and I for a fun mess of a show. We talk about going to Disneyland, some awful song that Dylan made (it’s really bad - myspace.com/schuckmusic), an ‘Irish Goodbye’, a charity drive for underwear, we debate if I am going to murder Dylan or him me, going to a strip club in drag and lots more. Follow Dylan @schuckster on Twitter and listen to our Walking Dead recap podcast at www.deadinsideshow.com. If you're new to our podcast, this isn't the first show to listen to, lol.