Ep102 - #FunDad

Solo show! Fourth of July recap including fruit pizza, a run-in with my drunk neighbor, my kids’ obsession with fireworks, my new ‘sponsor’ Fireball, shoutout to our Canadian and Australian listeners, my take on Robin Thicke, breastfeed shaming in public, some good/bad user feedback (including almost making a car crash) and more.

Ep101 - Daddy Daughter Elevator Love

J-Wunder from GhettoGenius.com is back for more fun. We talk about his awful night out including shitting himself, unintentional porno, embarrassing miss-texts, my supplements having crystal meth in it and I get the world’s worst haircut. Plus lots of questions from J’s fans - like when it’s the right time to talk to your kids about masturbating (and what to say and how to do it), about the awful people on Facebook, if a “thigh gap” is hot (and “Big Johnson” shirts), what’s the oldest/youngest age girl you’d get with and how a short guy can score tall girls. Plus my newfound love of Fireball. I’m ready for you Fireball. You can become the official booze of Save It For the Show. Let's do this.

Ep100 - Special 100th Episode

100th episode! Lots of behind the scenes info on our process, how we make the show, plus an oral history where we break down a bunch of clips from the past two years and our favorite and noteworthy episodes. We also answer a bunch of listener questions including what’s next for the show, where the t-shirts are and more. A huge and hearty thanks to you for listening to the show and your support. Share it with a friend.

Ep99 - Solo Show

Solo show! Just me on the mic all alone this week. I jump all over the place and discuss how I got over my anxiety/panic at speaking in front of people, working the baseball snack stand, my son putting weird things in his mouth, I went to an filthy daycare, my son’s terrible treadmill accident, the CIA’s dumb twitter account, George R.R. Martin’s silly charity plus a lot more. Thank you for listening! Share the show if you're a fan.

Ep98 - Jason Gurley

Author, illustrator and good friend Jason Gurley joins the show to talk about his new book and a few of the adventures we’ve had over the years including our failed attempts at working together and more. For fans of his Jason talks a lot about his writing process, the history of his newest book Eleanor, how he got writing in Hugh Howey’s Wool with his own Greatfall, his line dancing background and we talk John Oliver's rant on net neutrality, Jonah Hill and dealing with a friend having cancer.

Ep97 - Scarf Face

Eddie and I talk about everything, and even have a guest pop in for a quick segment - local confused Alaskan rapper “Scarf Face.”

Plus we plan our 100th show (email us your favorite guests/moments/jokes at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com), talk about pool supply store “Leslie’s,” and I describe my San Francisco adventure - including a lady hearing me poop, business men buying wi-fi just for porn, some stripper stories, therapeutic pelvic massage and being hung over at work.

I also discuss me hacking my kid’s swing, getting poison glue in my eyes, what men do to get laid, the UCSB killer, people with no kids who complain about being busy, my awful nickname “The Ol’ Danster,” Coors Light Summer Brew and Memorial Day.

Ep96 - Granny Di

My lovely mom, Diane, joins the show for a belated Mother’s Day special. We talk about her and my dad being intimate, me seeing her naked as a teenager, the awful way she dressed me as a kid, getting drunk on vacation, my mom’s crazy union job, when I got arrested for smoking weed in college, my dad catching me getting to second base and me pretending to be my mom’s husband to get into Costco.

Ep95 - Eric's Cologne Show

New friend of the show 'Eric' stops by for a segment on his favorite colognes, what it’s like working at a car wash, the best colors for BMWs and getting catfished. Plus Eddie and I talk about ‘milking’ poop from my baby, people angry at the rape scenes in Game of Thrones, I share some epic dinner and strip club stories from Portland, talk about our wedding anniversaries and my irrational fear of dying.