Ep209 - Balloon Bag

How weird are garage sales? I go to one! And buy some stuff. Japanese tourists seen at Trader Joe’s. I give my baby a ‘balloon bag.’ Plus some breakup advice, poop talk (what’s normal?), taking a shit while jogging, the Philippine president, dentists being chatty, is my cat sleeping or dead? And more!

Ep208 - Griselda

I’m stuck being baseball coach again! We talk about my sweaty jeans and spanking kids, talking about weird/shitty landlords and gift baskets, women always needing to be worried about being raped, ‘rejig’ or ‘reneg’, masterbation is not a crime, a cocaine podcast, crack must be amazing, who has the best feet and more.

Ep206 - Hyenas

Store is up! Check out store.saveitfortheshow.com for mugs, hats, shirts. We talk about animal sex like hyena clits and 3 foot long duck vaginas! We wonder what kind of person wants to be a grave digger? Plus our worst public bathroom experiences, getting kids to do chores, I talk about our equipment (shoutout to Focusrite), who’s family would win in a fight and sex toy reviews on YouTube. Special shoutout to Carlos for sending us wine from his winery.

Ep205 - Bubbie

We discuss my grandmother’s funeral (love you Bubs) and all the interesting things that go along with that, homeless people, the couch I banged in high school, a final call for people who want to play in our Fantasy Football league, English Paul, sex with Steve Buscemi, date a 20 year old or a 40 year old?, 'Roast Battle' on Comedy Central, ‘The Night Of’ on HBO and more.

Ep204 - Time Refugee

Lots of questions, voicemails and advice this week. We also talk about our first annual Fantasy Football league! If you want a chance to join, email us why at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com, plus the store is built (clothes will be up next week), and check out my friend Scooter’s podcast at sleepwithmepodcast.com. We also talk time travel, pain/pleasure in masturbation, babies crying in a movie theater, oral sex etiquette and some pointers, hot olympians, some tips on how to be a better speaker and more.

Ep203 - The Lymps

We continue to discuss our new show art (check it out at www.twitter.com/siftshow), giving goody bags to strangers on a plane, my son ‘bleaches his asshole’ (not really), I’m happy my kids are going back to school, the guy who is dating his mom, I don’t really like the Olympics (or The Lymps, go USA tho), a guy jerks off to our wives’ voices and more. Siftstory song is “Man Men” by “Kings of the City”.

Ep201 - My Dirty Spot

Rip roaring fun show. We talk about my vacation (I see my mom’s nips, I’m starving, creepy rental house, I burn my son’s balls and lots more), Eddie has a ‘shy anus’, our million dollar idea ‘Prank Tank’, how to bang in public, way too much sex talk about my wife, going to a water park, vaginas self clean, don’t have sex with your realtor (and I realize I am watching porn wrong) and so much more.

Ep200 - Our 200th Show

It's our 200th episode and Eddie and I are beyond proud and thankful to all of you wonderful people for listening. To celebrate Eddie’s dad stops by and we talk about his favorite show, Gilligan’s Island, plus lots of great voicemails - we get a little crazy about Black Lives Matter, historical dick sizes, our custom sex toys / action figures, Pokemon Go, Eddie’s daughter can time travel, the #siftstory of #pgw and more. Again - thank you all. And dare I say it, but here's to 200 more.