Ep146 - Split Stream

Wow, our 3 year anniversary! Thank you everyone so much for your support. This week’s show has us discussing making new friends, our old porno site that never existed, lots of listener questions (especially ‘split stream’ pissing), some drug stories, i promise to be a “dry guy” for a month, Youtube pranksters, my fave guy on Snapchat named Logey Dogey and more.

Ep145 - Reach Around

A filthy story, a kid story, an embarrassing story - it’s your favorite kind of show. We recap a bit of last week’s show and settle the dry vs. moist jerking debate (including circumcision chatter), I tell a story about my wife giving me a reach around, discuss the filthy ‘snack shack’ at my local baseball field, Eddie reads magazines in a weird way, I’m obsessed with my own death, my wife is obsessed with a new book about tidying up and more.

Ep144 - Sperm Bank

Special two guest show this week. Friend of the show Dylan Schuck from The Dead Inside Show stops by to deep-dive on a recent visit he had to a sperm bank. And when I say deep-dive, we really get into it! Then I’m joined by a dear old friend Danielle Fauske for a trip down memory lane. Plus we discuss being functional alcoholic parents, her psychic mom, keeping things ‘spicy’ and lots of Josh Duggar talk.

Ep143 - Lambo Frog

Eddie and I are back and kicking major ass with a super funny show. We give a final shirt update (we sold over fifty!), talk about a rude speeder in my neighborhood, fake controversies surrounding Father’s Day Cards and Louis C.K., my soup kitchen fantasy, how I plan to get rid of a pet frog, some Letterman chat, the new movie ‘Pixels’, I get a massage and analyze the hell out of it plus more!

Ep140 - Para Sa Filipino

Shirts are here! Go to www.saveitfortheshow.com to order them now! On this week’s show Eddie’s dad is back to talk about the Pacquioa/Mayweather fight and more. Plus, I have jury duty, rag on the weird Youtube guy with the Lambo and books, someone thinks I am inappropriately touching my son and lots more. Thanks for listening and buying a shirt!