Ep197 - Red Wings

God damned Dads and Grads. We wax poetic about being a dad and Father’s Day plus Eddie and I go to a shooting range! Is Obama on Reddit? I wonder if I drink too much (probably), have we ever had a gay experience, do we get down with ‘red wings’, would we check out each other’s dicks at a urinal and so much more.

Ep193 - Dave & Buster's

Another weird and fun show (aren’t they all?) I have a gross big toe-nail, Eddie and I go to Dave & Busters and it’s weird, are we making ‘pussy’ too casual, Snapchat blackmail, our opinion on the Ghostbusters reboot, fantasizing about having sex with people, some bloody stool tips, I’d be a terrible TV chef and as always - more!

Ep192 - The Lobster Bib

Eddie and I are sweaty! We discuss Native Americans, the awful ‘Gods of Egypt’ movie, a ‘panda pussy’, the Oakland PD sex sandal, diversity day, Whole Foods, Eddie and I pitch a movie, what would it take to get Eddie to go down on your wife?, queefing questions, old school porn, licking armpits and we try out a new ending we might do from time to time. Thank you for listening! Share English Paul's cartoon with your friends!

Ep191 - English Paul

Eddie is back in the hot seat! We have a cartoon! Amazing listener ‘English Paul’ animates an old story for the show. (Scroll up) Plus Eddie and I are super dads, spending the night at the airport, middle school cursing, showing your dick in the yearbook, someone talks to Eddie about their big dick, Deadpool, Radiohead and more.