Ep120 - Hug No Pat

Man this was a fun show. One of my faves yet. Lots of hilarious thoughts and bits. We talk about “120 Minutes” and the lost feeling of finding new music, we discuss last week's episode with my wife, a new way to hug men, lots of listener shout outs and questions, drinking Costco beer, the criteria for what turns us on, watching porn with your mate, retrograde ejaculation, and my revolutionary diet plan. Thanks for listening, tell a friend.

Ep119 - My Wife

My lovely and talented wife Nicole comes back on the show! We have a blast, and discuss our sleeping/drinking habits, my other podcast (deadinsideshow.com), my gross hygiene, we discuss the “punch card”, “relax-sex” and the “foxy principal” from old episodes, my wife’s sensitive throat, how shitty of a gift giver I am and much more.She couldn't be more supportive and is an absolute gem. Thanks for listening.

Ep118 - Pringles Can

Another great Eddie/me show. We talk gun safety, weirdos who buy a mattress at the mall, celebrating Halloween at work and eating garbage plastic candy, my shitty self-given nickname and my mean one (“Danny Fanny”), my military enlistment fantasies, we question the size of dicks from historic figures, the stupid Lena Dunham controversy, the smoking hot Fox News anchors, my battle with Sprint, The Walking Dead toys at Toys R’ Us and more. Thanks for listening.

Ep117 - Share the Show

Eddie and I talk about how I hid my other podcast from my wife like an asshole, we urge everyone to share the show (please do!), eating Halloween candy and lording it over my kids, Farrah Abraham's (Teen Mom) vagina mold, Eddie gets scammed on Craigs List, the Dallas airport homophobe, plus I talk about having dandruff and another super embarrassing story from college.

Ep116 - Hotel Wifi

Eddie and I riff off a great show. We talk about the last couple shows, a Whitman’s Samplers sponsorship, my beef with Pretzel Crisps, new shirt idea, punch card update, hotel room wifi porno, banging people you work with, my ‘best hair’ controversy from high school, the Breaking Bad toys at Toys R’ Us, The McKamey Manor, the smell of your own farts plus a ton of other goofy tangents.

Ep115 - Kyle Ryan

Kyle Ryan, current editor of EW.com and former editor of The A.V. Club joins to talk about his career and how he got into it, some of his best work experiences, Roger Ebert, Bob Newhart, and the controversies surrounding some of the podcasts he’s been critical of over the years.

Ep114 - Eddie's Dad

Special guest! Eddie’s dad joins the beginning of the show to discuss his son being ‘soft and stupid’ and being circumcised at 16 years old. Eddie quickly returns though and we talk about video game groupies (and male vs. female groupies), bruised dicks, someone made a meme about the show, my new podcast www.deadinsideshow.com, me needing to lose weight to fit into a suit for a wedding, how much people drink each day (it’s a lot), the new “foxy" principal at my kids’ school and women at the park think I’m a pedophile. Another hilarious show.

You can find fearofdark here - http://fearofdark.bandcamp.com/

Ep113 - F*ck Anxiety

Therapist and author Robert Duff joins the show to discuss his new book “Fuck Anxiety” - all about how to cope and work with anxiety in your life. We talk a lot about my own anxieties, why Robert wrote the book, the stigma of mental health in America, the role technology, social networks and video games play in anxiety and lots more. It’s a super interesting show. Still funny, still raw. You know the deal. Be sure to check out Robert at www.hardcoreselfhelp.com.

Ep112 - Relax-sex

Eddie and I are back. We talk about hiding beer & snacks, Sunchips being unhealthy, new season of True Detective (and some Vince McMahon/The Rock tangents), me trading a phone for sex, we break down a a handful of user questions, talk about Tony Stewart, local shitty used car salesmen commercials, overusing a smart phone at a music concert, the joy of Taco Bell, having sex with a cartoon and my stinky armpits.