Ep188 - Reggae Stinks

I hate Reggae! Plus watching Little League baseball, Star Trek: TNG Holodeck, I have seasonal allergies, I go to an abandoned mine, getting kicked in the balls, Eddie and my Voltron dick, I scam a snack company, how does jizz work and lots more. Song of the week is from Autolux off their new album "Pussy's Dead".

Ep187 - Mirth & Girth

Suit update on my fast! Plus we talk about being hungover, Eddie recaps one of our fave stories about going to a fast food restaurant (he’s a great lover), plus who gives a shit about Jim Carrey’s tip, jerking with your off-hand, what can you pee on for health?, getting a nickname and much more.

Ep185 - The Devil's Hurriance

One of my fave shows in a long time. Once we get going we don’t stop. I go camping like a real man (I dip, I drink, I have a blade), people who lead double-lives, I kiss my boys on the lips with my beard, swallowing your own ‘essence’ (or a celebs’), go antiquing to get laid, we talk ‘clean breaks’, plus meat, ‘Easy Cheese’ and more. #pgw #psw

Ep184 - Chuckles Galor

Oooh boy a fun show this week. We dig into racism, pooping, everything. Get you a show that can do both. Plus I get in trouble with my neighbors, Eddie gets in a bathroom pickle at work, I rant about direct mail, I complain about how awful The Chive is, I beef with a guy at a snack bar and lots more. #PGW

Ep183 - Witch's Kiss

A bit of a SXSW recap including how weird it is, constant drinking and more. I met Eric Andre, I pitch a VR sex machine, a different kind of ‘intro’ song, my body is ‘magic’, plus some sex advice and lots of other fun tangents. Don't ever rub your dickmouth on the toilet seat!

Ep182 - Team Mom

I’m Team Mom! And it’s a pain. I describe it and my woes with collecting dues. I share some ‘siftstory’ about considering a ‘rub and tug.' Plus Costco juice woes, Pornhub stats, ‘dick shaming,’ clean breaks, do we spank our kids, spitting/swallowing and more. A pretty filthy and raw one this week! Enjoy!

Ep181 - Hitler Dick

Do we bid farewell to Al B. Sure once and for all? We urge the listeners for ‘user generated content’ - a new theme song, ideas for objects we should illustrate on the koozie - shoutout to our Patreon.com/siftshow and St. Baldrick’s donors, we do some ‘real singing,’ discuss celeb dick size, I talk about ASMR a bit, young Eddie showes naked at the beach, sexy lady in uniforms, Fuller House, green burials and how weird casket viewings are and more. Thanks for listening.