Ep308 - Smog Check

Holidays are in full force and we are feeling the spirit. We talk about me going to see Metallica and Jim Bruer, plus parade pooping, watching porn at Starbucks, choking during sex, karaoke, Eddie gets an accidentally racist smog check, Kevin Hart is an idiot, I get tricked by a hacker, fantasy football update, getting free food from companies and some major show news and an update for you guys. Thanks for listening. Classic show is up next for the holidays. See you guys in January.

Ep307 - Bladder Shy

The world's most relatable podcasts asks all the big questions like 'how do you wipe?' Plus I have a run-in with a hotel maid, a man dances with my wife, I act like an asshole on an red-eye flight and I get super bladder shy. And then I creep out Antoni from Queer Eye! Someone uses our merchandise as sex-cleanup! Being shamed for using a vibrator! Holy smokes. So many exclamation points. What a show. Tell a friend.

Ep306 - Banana Slug

Relatable! I go see "Bohemian Rhapsody" with my wife and pull a dick move and (sorta) break the law. Plus comments on porno websites, I describe our best advice for holiday gift giving (Want, Need, Wear, Read), racist halloween costumes, a guy eating a banana slug, wondering when we’ll get cancer, Filipino music and more!

New show coming next week

Apologies everyone, but due to work and other baloney Eddie and I couldn’t make a show happen this week. We’ll be back in that ass next week though, I promise. Thanks for hanging in there. And I appreciate that you might be annoyed there’s no show. Check out an old one perhaps. They’re still just as good as you remember! -Dan

Ep305 - Horn Levels

We had a blast on the show this week talking about drugs, drinking, privacy, conspiracy theories and more. I go camping and ‘over do it’ on a bunch of levels (including a big accident), we discuss my dad’s “horn levels”, fantasize about the powerball lotto, ponder what makes our show special and a whole lot more. If you enjoy the show, leave us a review, tell a friend, eat some candy corn!

Ep304 - Number Three

My wife goes on a ‘girls’ trip’ and I’m Mr. Mom for nearly a week! I’m a freaking hero! We discuss that plus how it’s 100% NOT a scary time out there for young men, I go deep and break down an Al B. Sure song, watching porn on a mobile phone, how cool ‘Screentime’ is on iOS, some tweets from Dan you might have missed, we talk about ‘pecker tracks’ what is a ‘number three’ and much more!