Ep213 - Soft Bust

Poor Eddie couldn’t make the show due to a family emergency, so friend of the show Mike Bodge sits in last minute and we discuss a wet dream I had, what a ‘soft bust’ is, infected nipples, the tooth fairy scam, Mike tells an insane story about getting into it with a homeless man, racist Halloween costumes, visiting China, hacking a Wii and more!

Ep212 - Zapfino

Eddie is back from his non-kid vacation. We discuss that plus, grabbing pussies (please don’t), a guy at the gym is all over me, shitty halloween decorations, costumes and candy corn, I hate on the Zapfino font, some love advice, 2 Dope Queens shoutout, baseball and more.

Ep211 - Mozzarella Sticks

Like week old salmon the show is ripe! And how long is too long to eat leftovers? Plus I put my foot in my month, ‘edging’, how weird Arby’s is, which episode of our show should you start on, sofiagray.com, dating a co-worker, would you tongue kiss your dad, going on vacation without your kids and more. store.saveitfortheshow.com is back up too.

Ep210 - Crazy Straw

Let’s talk about Eddie’s huge collection of drinking straws! My son gets a bloody head wound, trolling Next Door, “Mr. Sports”, I talk about the origin of my sensitive meatus (check out episode 66!), Biscoff and Crystal Pepsi, pooping in public, how to buy a car, some presidential debate talk, rap battles and much more.

Ep209 - Balloon Bag

How weird are garage sales? I go to one! And buy some stuff. Japanese tourists seen at Trader Joe’s. I give my baby a ‘balloon bag.’ Plus some breakup advice, poop talk (what’s normal?), taking a shit while jogging, the Philippine president, dentists being chatty, is my cat sleeping or dead? And more!

Ep208 - Griselda

I’m stuck being baseball coach again! We talk about my sweaty jeans and spanking kids, talking about weird/shitty landlords and gift baskets, women always needing to be worried about being raped, ‘rejig’ or ‘reneg’, masterbation is not a crime, a cocaine podcast, crack must be amazing, who has the best feet and more.

Ep206 - Hyenas

Store is up! Check out store.saveitfortheshow.com for mugs, hats, shirts. We talk about animal sex like hyena clits and 3 foot long duck vaginas! We wonder what kind of person wants to be a grave digger? Plus our worst public bathroom experiences, getting kids to do chores, I talk about our equipment (shoutout to Focusrite), who’s family would win in a fight and sex toy reviews on YouTube. Special shoutout to Carlos for sending us wine from his winery.

Ep205 - Bubbie

We discuss my grandmother’s funeral (love you Bubs) and all the interesting things that go along with that, homeless people, the couch I banged in high school, a final call for people who want to play in our Fantasy Football league, English Paul, sex with Steve Buscemi, date a 20 year old or a 40 year old?, 'Roast Battle' on Comedy Central, ‘The Night Of’ on HBO and more.

Ep204 - Time Refugee

Lots of questions, voicemails and advice this week. We also talk about our first annual Fantasy Football league! If you want a chance to join, email us why at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com, plus the store is built (clothes will be up next week), and check out my friend Scooter’s podcast at sleepwithmepodcast.com. We also talk time travel, pain/pleasure in masturbation, babies crying in a movie theater, oral sex etiquette and some pointers, hot olympians, some tips on how to be a better speaker and more.