Ep193 - Dave & Buster's

Another weird and fun show (aren’t they all?) I have a gross big toe-nail, Eddie and I go to Dave & Busters and it’s weird, are we making ‘pussy’ too casual, Snapchat blackmail, our opinion on the Ghostbusters reboot, fantasizing about having sex with people, some bloody stool tips, I’d be a terrible TV chef and as always - more!

Ep192 - The Lobster Bib

Eddie and I are sweaty! We discuss Native Americans, the awful ‘Gods of Egypt’ movie, a ‘panda pussy’, the Oakland PD sex sandal, diversity day, Whole Foods, Eddie and I pitch a movie, what would it take to get Eddie to go down on your wife?, queefing questions, old school porn, licking armpits and we try out a new ending we might do from time to time. Thank you for listening! Share English Paul's cartoon with your friends!

Ep191 - English Paul

Eddie is back in the hot seat! We have a cartoon! Amazing listener ‘English Paul’ animates an old story for the show. (Scroll up) Plus Eddie and I are super dads, spending the night at the airport, middle school cursing, showing your dick in the yearbook, someone talks to Eddie about their big dick, Deadpool, Radiohead and more.

Ep188 - Reggae Stinks

I hate Reggae! Plus watching Little League baseball, Star Trek: TNG Holodeck, I have seasonal allergies, I go to an abandoned mine, getting kicked in the balls, Eddie and my Voltron dick, I scam a snack company, how does jizz work and lots more. Song of the week is from Autolux off their new album "Pussy's Dead".

Ep187 - Mirth & Girth

Suit update on my fast! Plus we talk about being hungover, Eddie recaps one of our fave stories about going to a fast food restaurant (he’s a great lover), plus who gives a shit about Jim Carrey’s tip, jerking with your off-hand, what can you pee on for health?, getting a nickname and much more.

Ep185 - The Devil's Hurriance

One of my fave shows in a long time. Once we get going we don’t stop. I go camping like a real man (I dip, I drink, I have a blade), people who lead double-lives, I kiss my boys on the lips with my beard, swallowing your own ‘essence’ (or a celebs’), go antiquing to get laid, we talk ‘clean breaks’, plus meat, ‘Easy Cheese’ and more. #pgw #psw