Ep200 - Our 200th Show

It's our 200th episode and Eddie and I are beyond proud and thankful to all of you wonderful people for listening. To celebrate Eddie’s dad stops by and we talk about his favorite show, Gilligan’s Island, plus lots of great voicemails - we get a little crazy about Black Lives Matter, historical dick sizes, our custom sex toys / action figures, Pokemon Go, Eddie’s daughter can time travel, the #siftstory of #pgw and more. Again - thank you all. And dare I say it, but here's to 200 more.

Ep198 - Grandpa's Grapes

Goats! My backyard is crawling with goats and we discuss it. Who wants a vial of goat’s blood? Huge shout out to www.laughable.com. Check them out, it’s a great app to find and discover comedy (and they featured us). We talk about the Sacramento knife fighting nazis,  I get ‘sighted’, hear a ‘fire’ mixtape, checking your partner’s email, two men having a baby, I love Haribo and more. Start sending us your questions and voicemails for our 200th episode extravaganza. www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact

Ep197 - Red Wings

God damned Dads and Grads. We wax poetic about being a dad and Father’s Day plus Eddie and I go to a shooting range! Is Obama on Reddit? I wonder if I drink too much (probably), have we ever had a gay experience, do we get down with ‘red wings’, would we check out each other’s dicks at a urinal and so much more.

Ep193 - Dave & Buster's

Another weird and fun show (aren’t they all?) I have a gross big toe-nail, Eddie and I go to Dave & Busters and it’s weird, are we making ‘pussy’ too casual, Snapchat blackmail, our opinion on the Ghostbusters reboot, fantasizing about having sex with people, some bloody stool tips, I’d be a terrible TV chef and as always - more!

Ep192 - The Lobster Bib

Eddie and I are sweaty! We discuss Native Americans, the awful ‘Gods of Egypt’ movie, a ‘panda pussy’, the Oakland PD sex sandal, diversity day, Whole Foods, Eddie and I pitch a movie, what would it take to get Eddie to go down on your wife?, queefing questions, old school porn, licking armpits and we try out a new ending we might do from time to time. Thank you for listening! Share English Paul's cartoon with your friends!