Ep138 - Cold Hole

Another raucous and weird show. I get a ticket from the ‘police,’ we talk about e-cigs, reminisce about college, Eddie brings up masturbating and road trips (separately), having sex with a dead spouse, my neighbor is not a murderer, shirt and logo update (they are done!), classic porn stars in trouble, we talk about Hearthstone (add me "DanTheBeast#1523” on Battle.net) and more.

Ep137 - Second Half Josh

Good friend of the show Josh Reddin joins to discuss his mystery illness (he didn’t die), some major life changes for him (wife and kids!), how he’s terrible with technology, March Madness update, Cadbury Eggs are garbage, I stand corrected about lady-solo-sexy-time in a hotel room and I get a “Klout” perk that’s delicious.

Ep136 - SIFT Sisters

In the most tame April Fool's day joke ever, our wives kick off the show to talk about peeing, wiping butts and carry our gross torch onward, plus my wife reveals a show secret. Then Eddie and I take over and talk about his bathroom dreams, the face of terrorism, ripping out teeth, why manpacks.com is great for socks (and why great socks are important), Tom Cruise and more.

Walk-off music this week is “Death Rides a Horse” by Russian Circles.

Ep135 - Pooparazzi

We’re back with an extra long show and it’s an absolute doozy. I talk about SXSW (lots of celeb sightings including Mark Cuban and Will Ferrell), city tap water flavors, my obsession with bathrooms, I worry I’ll die on a plane, Eddie’s DIY vagina, why Manpacks.com is great for underwear, getting drunk in college and of course, much more.

This week's walk-off song: Mark Ronson and Rhymefest "Can't Make It".

And here's those weird lap dance underwear we talked about.

Ep134 - Watermelon Seeds

Eddie and I review and have fun with some product from http://www.manpacks.com, talk about 'smoking smarties', little league baseball, a gas station accident, first porno video and we discuss some updates on my daughter and the Sacramento Addy’s. Send us in your thoughts to saveitfortheshow@gmail.com and review us on iTunes, etc. Thank you!

This week's walkoff song is "So Good at Being in Trouble" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Ep131 - The Schuckster

Friend of the show Dylan Schuck sits in for Eddie this week and we have a great show. We talk about dick pills, getting busted at work watching porn, Dylan’s love of the ‘casting couch,’ final update on me cutting off my beard, getting bday love on Facebook, how stupid The Chronicles of Narnia ends, Costco free samples, racist sniper video games, driving an Uber on Valentine’s Day and more. Hear more of Dylan at deadinsideshow.com and bettertalksaul.com.

Ep130 - Truffle Butter

New show intro! I have adventures at The Melting Pot and Target (one involves poop), I buy awful toys for my kids, a final yeard update, I have a run in with a “supreme bitch” in my neighborhood, we play basketball, talk about Valentine’s Day and my birthday plus more.

Ep129 - Student of the Month

Great new show full of some hilarious stories. We talk about our new sponsor www.manpacks.com, I do something awful to my kids, my cats are shitting all over the neighborhood, my wife’s cloth diaper obsession, idiot people liking big butt photos on Instagram, watching the Super Bowl with rabbit ears, I like the pain from a cut and drinking bloody marys! Another fine show.