Ep230 - Morning Sex

I dream about new career ventures (maybe being a cam girl pimp), our exhaustion with the news, Irish Spring soap commercials, using your girl’s vagina soap, being a dirty trash roommate, Eddie is having morning sex (we go deep on what it takes to make a baby), ‘pre-workout’ drinks making me crazy, someone farts on me at the gym, we give some cooking advice, books on tape and more! Be sure to check out http://store.saveitfortheshow.com and saveitfortheshow.com/contact.

Ep229 - Birthday

Birthday show! My bday falls on recording day, and we have fun. We talk about Valentine’s Day (and sex of course), I ‘research' cam girl sites and discuss it, my cat violates me, the book ‘1984’, the TV show ‘Legion' and lots of listener questions spanning sex, the bathroom and everything else you expect. Send in your own questions at saveitfortheshow.com/contact and check out www.deadinsideshow.com for my Walking Dead podcast with Dylan Schuck.

Ep228 - Cat Call

We’re back and raging! We talk about the paradox of being sick, don’t buy your girl flowers, getting free food from work, drinking in Salt Lake City, I go to a protest, liberal advertising, I inadvertently cat call and terrify a woman, washing with your girl’s soap, rehoming a dog, incest porn, using ‘butt tissue’ and so much more.

Ep227 - Relax Sex 2.0

A calamity befalls the show - Eddie gets sick last minute and without time to plan something else, I reach back into the archives to episode 112 to replay a classic episode from the annals of our history, and one of our faves. This episode has the 'punch card' sex story and lots of other fun bits. Apologies for no new show this week, hang in there babies, we'll be back rip-roaring and new next week, even if Eddie is undergoing chemo therapy (he won't be).

Ep226 - Private Browsing

We start off with a rousing discussion about the guy with a 19 inch penis, I go in my attic at 3am, private browsing, beer yoga, old men playing racquetball, being on social media, amateur porn cam people, a listener John sex story, Poo-pourri, shoutout to the Eric Canal Theatre, getting a barbershop haircut, how weird Hooters is and more.

Ep225 - Family Matters

Hello! We kick the show off and breakdown that classic 90s sitcom Family Matters, then discuss crying at movies, crazy ways women used to give birth, we go deep on the Brony guy who has a disgusting jizz-jar, awful people who put stickers on their car, getting ivy-league college merch, my son smells, I mix it up with some teens, strip clubs from around the world, wedding advice and more. Be heck out English Paul's new cartoon!

Ep224 - Booger Jar

Hey everyone, send us in your questions asking “Is It Weird?”! We’re working on something fun. Do you do something you think is weird? Let us know at saveitfortheshow.com/contact. Otherwise another fun show, we talk ‘flavor savers’, chain wallets, following porno stars on social media, going old-school at the library, getting intimate with a partner, being a 30 year old virgin, making friends as an adult, overusing antibacterial gel, my own parents’ munchausen by proxy via mentholatum, we’re angling for a free sex toy called the ‘Womanizer’ and more.

Ep223 - Ho Bop

We’re back! Feels good to be here, and we jam out a fun show. We recap the holidays, discuss ‘#starwarsgate’, Bass Pro Shops ruins Elf on the Shelf, I invent the ‘ho bop’, Eddie gives our father-in-law a naughty gift, we really break down the gift shop Eddie’s grandma owns, buffet etiquette, house projects getting my wife in the mood, the final, fantasy football update and lots more. Outro music this week by Crazy Horse & Colston. crazyhorseandcolston.bandcamp.com/

Ep222 - Holiday Clip Show

This week we revisit the ghosts of christmas past with a bunch of fun holiday themed clips. But first Eddie’s dad helps me kick off the show and then we’re off and running. A major thank you for listening to the show this year. When you’re around your friends this holiday, let em know about the show. I recommend showing them the cartoon, or playing them Ep221 - Fieldsmas. What was your fave this year?

We love you, and look forward to continuing to pilot this crazy ship in 2017. See you then.

Ep221 - Fieldsmas

Oh man, this is a wonderful episode. We talk about working at and shopping at Toys R Us, churches ‘advertising' during Christmas, Eddie’s christmas traditions (which are kinda hardcore and awesome), we go deep on the girl who sold her virginity at a brothel, we rip apart the Pixar movie “Cars”, famous people having sex, playing video games over the holidays, watching a ‘spoiled show’ and lots more. Holiday clip show next week!

Ep220 - P.A.N.E.

Let’s have fun, it’s the holidays! We talk about decorating the house, playing piano at an old-folks home, wearing ‘dirty’ shorts to the gym, more toilet etiquette, retail workers, revisiting 2 girls 1 cup, going to sleep angry at a partner and lots more. Check out store.saveitfortheshow.com or saveitfortheshow.com/contact to get at us.

Ep219 - Dark Meat

Back to a brand new show, I give a recap of my man crabbing trip including dipping, a horrible porta-potty experience and shaming the Dollar Store lady. Plus living with a 1.5 inch penis, we discuss holiday ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’ and Elf on the Shelf, I help a neighbor with a computer problem, I have a cat problem, shoutout to srslycasual.com, growing a beard and pissing off your mate, who’s smarter - Eddie or me? Plus lots more!

Ep217 - Gorilla Dick

Back to basics - no election talk! But we do talk about me going ‘man crabbing’, having sex with a gorilla to save the world (and the evolution of animal penises), what the show used to be like, athlete’s foot on your face, pooping tips for the ladies, taking a shit in your neighbor’s toilet, wearing rubber gloves and more. Fun show this week. Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out store.saveitfortheshow.com for merch and patreon.com/siftshow to donate.

Ep216 - Election 2016

We do our best to talk about Trump, the US and the election. Our thoughts on what happened and how we’re dealing with it. Plus we discuss bullshit school fundraisers, dressing like your age, teaching kids to not take drugs while teaching them about drugs, the 'rust belt' and more. Of course the entire show isn't about the election, ha. Thank you for listening.

Ep215 - Riggers

A bit of a Halloween recap - sending candy ‘to the troops’, sexy costumes (in the bedroom)and more. Plus having sex with a sleeping partner (don’t), beefing with your wife, rubber gloves, ’Swiss Army Man’ and so much more. Contact the show at saveitfortheshow.com/contact. Thank you!

Ep214 - Sunflower Seeds

Eddie is back. We talk about what happened to his daughter, we went camping, Eddie goes to a country bar, I wear some hair powder, we discuss the ‘condoms in porn’ proposition in California, sharing your neighbor’s trash can and stealing from a restaurant. Also questions about when a man can’t ‘finish’, dreams and how horny is too horny? Plus lots of ‘real treats’ from us and you listeners. Send us your own - www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact.

Ep213 - Soft Bust

Poor Eddie couldn’t make the show due to a family emergency, so friend of the show Mike Bodge sits in last minute and we discuss a wet dream I had, what a ‘soft bust’ is, infected nipples, the tooth fairy scam, Mike tells an insane story about getting into it with a homeless man, racist Halloween costumes, visiting China, hacking a Wii and more!

Ep212 - Zapfino

Eddie is back from his non-kid vacation. We discuss that plus, grabbing pussies (please don’t), a guy at the gym is all over me, shitty halloween decorations, costumes and candy corn, I hate on the Zapfino font, some love advice, 2 Dope Queens shoutout, baseball and more.

Ep211 - Mozzarella Sticks

Like week old salmon the show is ripe! And how long is too long to eat leftovers? Plus I put my foot in my month, ‘edging’, how weird Arby’s is, which episode of our show should you start on, sofiagray.com, dating a co-worker, would you tongue kiss your dad, going on vacation without your kids and more. store.saveitfortheshow.com is back up too.