Ep111 - Mini Bar

Impromptu solo show from San Francisco. I talk about gin, lots of NFL talk regarding Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, discipling kids (and how my parents disciplined me), everyone being pissed at U2 and their free album, my mini bar review, dealing with the death of a friend, teachers humiliating McDonalds workers and more.

Ep110 - Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Ralph Sutton of the “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll” podcast comes by to of course discuss all of those things. We get into how rock has changed so much and how traditional ‘rock stars’ are gone, the best songs to do drugs and have sex to, being a strip club DJ and we also discuss some of his guests like Anthony Cumia, porn star Lisa Ann and ‘fart porn’. I also break down the reason I have a thing for milfs.

Ep109 - Eddie Zanal

Eddie and I sit down and share some great listener feedback, talk about the hacked celeb photos, me respecting my wife under any circumstance, my grandma’s weird birthday move, the scam that ‘box tops’ are, the ‘sociopaths in my neighbor’, more thoughts on porno web designers (including www.eddiezanal.com), my fascination with putting my hand in the blender and more.

Ep107 - Two Kings

One of my best pals Josh Reddin returns to the show to talk about moving to Denver, legal weed, his amazing grandpa Wally who just passed away, Josh’s unique take on marriage/divorce, wearing shorts on a plane, my gross soap habits, how amazing Top Gun is and how much I love the dentist. Thanks for listening.

Ep106 - Nooner

Eddie and I discuss last week’s show with Ben (snowballing), lots of talk about nooners and married sex, Eddie’s Tahoe vacation, the red light district in Amsterdam, @dogboner’s run-in with Neil deGrasse Tyson, new segment “Is That Weird?”, little bit of Robin Williams talk (including my fantasy of meeting him), Eddie invents “fireballing” and is mistaken as Mexican by our in-laws.

Links from the show:

Ep105 - Shiba Ben

Ben Borowski returns to the show to discuss moving to Canada and how it differs from the US, his “reckless” sex life, having a baby, and his cool Shiba dog (and video game it inspired found at www.shibashibagame.com). Plus my continued experiments with “praying,” back to school thoughts, John Oliver on “native advertising,” and my “seven times” theory. Also here's Ben's Spotify playlist.

Ep104 - Santa Barbara

Eddie is back! We talk about YouTube stars who are famous for opening toys and playing Minecraft, plus lots of talk about my Santa Barbara vacation including how amazing California is, how important vacation is (and how America doesn’t have enough of it), sneaking my kids onto big-boy rides, awful mean people on vacation, married people on vacation versus ones with kids, getting accosted by a homeless crazy man and wood fired pizza ovens.

Ep102 - #FunDad

Solo show! Fourth of July recap including fruit pizza, a run-in with my drunk neighbor, my kids’ obsession with fireworks, my new ‘sponsor’ Fireball, shoutout to our Canadian and Australian listeners, my take on Robin Thicke, breastfeed shaming in public, some good/bad user feedback (including almost making a car crash) and more.