Ep310 - Elliptical

Brace yourself! It’s our second to last show ever, and it’s an absolute doozie! We talk awful christmas presents and how toys have become science projects for parents or mini, fake unboxing bullshit for children. Plus awful ‘freemium’ games, my take on ‘Birdbox’, representation in movies (and why it matters), I have an ‘accident’ on an airplane, I find a new porn category and get busted, internet randos in the comment section and so much more.

In two weeks we are recording what will be our last show (ever?). I want it to have as much listener and fan content as possible, so now’s your very last chance to send us that email or fire in that voicemail. Give us your well wishes, your good vibes, anything. Thank you! www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact