Ep309 - Tender Bones (Classic)

Well, I sure hope you are enjoying your holiday! For this week's show I ramble for 10 minutes about the holiday, discuss the news from our last episode about quitting the show, how to keep tabs on us in the future and more.

Then kick back, relax and enjoy a fan favorite Episode 87 'Tender Bones' from March 2014. We'll see you in January. Be sure to tell all your friends you see during the holidays to listen. If the show gets enough new listeners, the orphanage will be saved!


Classic show notes: Eddie and I plan our 100th show and play around with our advertising a bit, I give a #tugitfortheshow update, talk about some good/bad Mormon videos for kids about bullying and masturbating, my thoughts on SXSW and the drunkfest it is, my sardine experience and how to eat chicken wings. Plus Eddie tells an epic Church’s chicken story, hobo/coed porn, my conservative political handyman, a woman wanting me to beat her kids, we try out some show SFX, daylight savings time, watching the original Wizard of Oz, playing mini golf and MegaStuf Oreos.