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Where to Begin Listening?

This is a comedy show, and not Serial or the Sopranos. You certainly don't have to, and shouldn't start from episode #1 to understand the show. The truth is the entire premise is Eddie (my brother-in-law, our wives are sisters) and I sit down and make each other laugh, and make you laugh and that's about it.


There are a few extra special shows out there over the years that if you wanted to check out, to see if we are worth your time, might be a good place to start. These are those shows. Also Dan was interviewed on a podcast once and he talks a lot about the inspiration for Sifts, how it started, etc.

Ep197 - Red Wings

This show just works. So many good bits and jokes. A great indicator of what most shows are like, a real stream-of-conscious run of great, weird and funny stuff.

Ep126 - Dad Dick

I played golf with my dad and saw his dick. I talk about it. Our podcast is weird and nsfw. A lot of folks say this is the episode they heard that made them become a fan.

Ep162 - Piss Trough

This show has the origin story of #pgw or "pussy got wet" which we say on the show often. I know what you're thinking: pussy?! You probably hate reading it and making yourself say it in your head. It's a pretty vulgar word, and kind of crazy it's a bit of a catch phrase for the show. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Ep158 - Road Hand

We've all heard of 'road head' but what about getting yanked while driving? We explore this plus what porno for pre-teens would look like. Weird right? It's a good indicator of the odd depths we plumb on the show.

Ep161 - Mr. Brian Pee Pee Lawyer Guy

My #dickmouth comes up on the show often. This show explains the origin of that and more.

Ep40 - The Felt Rose

This is an old show, and a turning point for us because it was the first where I shared a pretty filthy story, and that became what we were known for. The old show are good. Don't be scared to go thru the back catalog!

Did I miss a show that you loved and made you become a fan? Email me and let me know what I missed!