Ep143 - Lambo Frog

Eddie and I are back and kicking major ass with a super funny show. We give a final shirt update (we sold over fifty!), talk about a rude speeder in my neighborhood, fake controversies surrounding Father’s Day Cards and Louis C.K., my soup kitchen fantasy, how I plan to get rid of a pet frog, some Letterman chat, the new movie ‘Pixels’, I get a massage and analyze the hell out of it plus more!

Ep140 - Para Sa Filipino

Shirts are here! Go to www.saveitfortheshow.com to order them now! On this week’s show Eddie’s dad is back to talk about the Pacquioa/Mayweather fight and more. Plus, I have jury duty, rag on the weird Youtube guy with the Lambo and books, someone thinks I am inappropriately touching my son and lots more. Thanks for listening and buying a shirt!

Ep138 - Cold Hole

Another raucous and weird show. I get a ticket from the ‘police,’ we talk about e-cigs, reminisce about college, Eddie brings up masturbating and road trips (separately), having sex with a dead spouse, my neighbor is not a murderer, shirt and logo update (they are done!), classic porn stars in trouble, we talk about Hearthstone (add me "DanTheBeast#1523” on Battle.net) and more.

Ep135 - Pooparazzi

We’re back with an extra long show and it’s an absolute doozy. I talk about SXSW (lots of celeb sightings including Mark Cuban and Will Ferrell), city tap water flavors, my obsession with bathrooms, I worry I’ll die on a plane, Eddie’s DIY vagina, why Manpacks.com is great for underwear, getting drunk in college and of course, much more.

This week's walk-off song: Mark Ronson and Rhymefest "Can't Make It".

And here's those weird lap dance underwear we talked about.