Ep163 - Rootsie Tolls

My gym fantasy, Urijah Faber’s Snapchat, new sponsor Nectarsunglasses.com (check them out, they kick ass), what would my wife let a man do to her for free home improvement?, I go back to the future to have sex with my wife, McDonalds lets Eddie down, fuck Dunkin’ Donuts, the most expensive domain names, we talk candy, some Nextdoor trolling and more.

Domain name price list - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mos…ive_domain_names

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun - www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKdN5aSC4HE

Ep144 - Sperm Bank

Special two guest show this week. Friend of the show Dylan Schuck from The Dead Inside Show stops by to deep-dive on a recent visit he had to a sperm bank. And when I say deep-dive, we really get into it! Then I’m joined by a dear old friend Danielle Fauske for a trip down memory lane. Plus we discuss being functional alcoholic parents, her psychic mom, keeping things ‘spicy’ and lots of Josh Duggar talk.