Ep105 - Shiba Ben

Ben Borowski returns to the show to discuss moving to Canada and how it differs from the US, his “reckless” sex life, having a baby, and his cool Shiba dog (and video game it inspired found at www.shibashibagame.com). Plus my continued experiments with “praying,” back to school thoughts, John Oliver on “native advertising,” and my “seven times” theory. Also here's Ben's Spotify playlist.

Episode 01 - “Hello.”

PLEASE NOTE: Hi, this is Dan. How are you? I’m good. Thanks for asking. If you’re thinking about checking out my stuff, you don’t want to start with this one. I know, I know. That seems odd. Why wouldn’t you begin with Chapter 1? But the thing is, this is my first ever attempt. In fact, first time even hitting the red record button and just winging it. And it’s certainly not the best indicator of what was to come. So do us both a favor and check out a few newer episodes. Oh you did? You like them? Great! I like you! Then by all means, enjoy this first attempt.


Well, I’ve officially become as official as I possibly can. I have a website. You are on the website right now. So that works. It’s http://www.saveitfortheshow.com and I am powering it with Tumblr for now. Seems to be working well enough.

I am going to post my episodes on Soundcloud. And like Tumblr, seems to be appropriate. I am also going to get setup in iTunes like a real grown man at some point. But not until I have a bunch more, and my branding on point.

And finally I have two ways you can reach me. Via email at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com and more importantly on my Twitter at http://twitter.com/siftshow.

So what’s this first show about? God, what’s it NOT about??? Amirite? I’m lucky I didn’t throw in the towel after I recorded this hour long drunken rant. My first time was probably a lot like your first time. Exciting, unforgettable. Little bit of pain. A bit of shame. But excited to try again. Was a good first run.

Normally I’ll put some bullet points about what the show was about, any links my friends or I talk about, etc. I want this to be a simple process for you. You’re my fan now. And I already love you.

So there, that’s it. Thanks for listening. —DAN