Ep101 - Daddy Daughter Elevator Love

J-Wunder from GhettoGenius.com is back for more fun. We talk about his awful night out including shitting himself, unintentional porno, embarrassing miss-texts, my supplements having crystal meth in it and I get the world’s worst haircut. Plus lots of questions from J’s fans - like when it’s the right time to talk to your kids about masturbating (and what to say and how to do it), about the awful people on Facebook, if a “thigh gap” is hot (and “Big Johnson” shirts), what’s the oldest/youngest age girl you’d get with and how a short guy can score tall girls. Plus my newfound love of Fireball. I’m ready for you Fireball. You can become the official booze of Save It For the Show. Let's do this.

Ep78 - Ghetto Genius

J-Wunder from GhettoGenius.com joins Eddie and I to talk about sharing our humiliating stories for entertainment, the origins of his site and his big break from Jamie Foxx. Plus I go down a ‘Kardashian wormhole,’ J’s advice to his readers, lottery scratchers, Workaholics returning, Entourage, the ‘double dick guy’ from Reddit and a bunch of user questions/advice about drunken sex, 16 year old Canadians, and more.