Ep92 - The Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger, creator of theartofcharm.com is on this week to discuss how to get laid. Just kidding (sort of). We talk about why he started The Art of Charm, how they help men etc. plus answer a bunch of goofy listener questions (when to have kids, one night stands, how to get your wife to do anal, porno) plus the simple pleasures of drinking a beer in the shower and staycations.

Ep78 - Ghetto Genius

J-Wunder from GhettoGenius.com joins Eddie and I to talk about sharing our humiliating stories for entertainment, the origins of his site and his big break from Jamie Foxx. Plus I go down a ‘Kardashian wormhole,’ J’s advice to his readers, lottery scratchers, Workaholics returning, Entourage, the ‘double dick guy’ from Reddit and a bunch of user questions/advice about drunken sex, 16 year old Canadians, and more.