Ep131 - The Schuckster

Friend of the show Dylan Schuck sits in for Eddie this week and we have a great show. We talk about dick pills, getting busted at work watching porn, Dylan’s love of the ‘casting couch,’ final update on me cutting off my beard, getting bday love on Facebook, how stupid The Chronicles of Narnia ends, Costco free samples, racist sniper video games, driving an Uber on Valentine’s Day and more. Hear more of Dylan at deadinsideshow.com and bettertalksaul.com.

Ep86 - Rub and Tug

Eddie and I are back for a doozie. I share a nice email from Paul Barman, we talk about the show and Squarespace, Eddie’s new baby and how she’s a gem plus his wife’s ‘primal groans’ and his love of John Mayer, my Bryan Callen story, my weird thoughts about ‘fate’, my gripe with Uber, I got my shoes shined, loud airport talkers, celebrating my birthday on Facebook, we discuss if I should #tugitfortheshow, Eddie at the Addy’s, Girl Scout cookies and more.