Ep95 - Eric's Cologne Show

New friend of the show 'Eric' stops by for a segment on his favorite colognes, what it’s like working at a car wash, the best colors for BMWs and getting catfished. Plus Eddie and I talk about ‘milking’ poop from my baby, people angry at the rape scenes in Game of Thrones, I share some epic dinner and strip club stories from Portland, talk about our wedding anniversaries and my irrational fear of dying.

Ep67 - Sweaty Vacation Dad

We’re back! The sex of my new baby revealed! And the recap of my Hawaiian vacation - all the Asians there and the whacky things they did, an awful convenience store poop, jellyfish stings, how amazing it is to have a smartphone on vacation, buffet eating, cheesy luaus and more. Plus couples with no kids going on a “date night”, Eddie’s sister’s cheesecake company (www.renosweetcreams.com/), The Roots, Rainbow Looms & the government shutdown.