Ep242 - Silk Boxers

The show kicks off and we try to settle the ‘moist man’ vs. ‘dry guy’ debate once and for all. Lots of listener feedback and questions surrounding it, circumcision, etc. Plus how many tissues do you use after sex? We also talk silk boxers and underwear etiquette, what sex/relationship stuff people are Googling for, we close the loop on our taxidermy discussion, Mother’s Day activities, hiking and more. Be sure to check out English Paul’s new cartoon of our podcast on our website - saveitfortheshow.com/cartoons

Ep241 - Detroit Style

Eddie is back and we drop a hilarious one. We get right into it and talk about being ‘moist men’ and special lotion, being an amateur taxidermist (and getting an amateur head massage or handy), what kind of cologne you wear, we talk about Eddie’s trip to Chicago (deep-dish, airplane craps, speakeasy bars, potential prostitutes, baseball stadium food and more), Smith and Wollensky sucks, good looking women at the gym (and pre-workouts mess me up) and more!

Ep240 - Lazy Genius

My lovely wife Nicole sits in for Eddie this week while he’s out on biz. She’s an absolute doll and battles a cold to make it happen. We talk about our animals, what I do to get her in the mood, sucking toes, I’m a pain in the ass, we answer some questions, do some voicemails, etc. Eddie will be back next week. Send me nice emails about my wife.

Ep239 - Sperm Bank

Oh boy we do a deep dive on what it’s like to be a man donating sperm and a woman buying sperm. It's a real deep dive, you’re going to learn and laugh. My 15 year old cat Jack is sick (can I bury him in my back yard?), Peter Pan is racist, the death penalty is dumb, am I allowed to make jewish jokes, some sex ed talk, who’s going to write some Dan and Eddie erotic fan fiction and a whole lot more. Also - who should sit in for Eddie next week? Let us know www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact