Episode 05 - "Special Guest Star"

It’s come to this! My first guest! My lovely friend Ben (@typeoneerror).

As you’ll hear in the cast, I mention I’ll list out some links we discuss. I do a riff on Thursday, talk about sharing your favorite stuff with friends and then it’s Ben Time. Links after the jump.

I’m playing Hero Academy and Outwitters (my name is….wait for it…’danthebeast’ if you want to play).

Ben’s Music Situation

Pen & Pixel

Post show thoughts: 

  • God, I really need to cool it on ‘anyways.’
  • Love how you can hear Ben rap his fingers on the desk when we get personal.
  • I think I need to expect my shows with guests to run more like 45 mins. I had so much more I wanted to ask Ben. About therapy, about what happened, when he really fell out of love. He also has a great story where he got beat up by some idiots, fell, hit his head and almost died.
  • Man, I really just went for it. Right into some crazy personal stuff. I’ve been dying to talk to Ben about it, this is the first time we’ve talked since it happened. Don’t worry, if you’re ever on my show I won’t grill you.
  • Not sure Skype is going to work. The audio is ok, but a lot of times I tried to cut in on Ben to ask questions and I can tell he couldn’t hear me.

Thanks for listening. —DAN