Ep 12 - Whatta Man

Special guest Mike Ramirez (@mikerevolution) of AKQA in this epi, and it’s rife with advertising, pop culture and other meandering chats. Topped off with technical difficulties that you’re bound to enjoy. It’s a process folks. Show notes, posted after the jump, including links to all the commercials we discuss.

All the advertising stuff we talk about.

My #realtreat - The Journey of Walter White (big time spoilers).

Mike’s #realtreat - Bachelor PartyThree O’Clock High

Post show thoughts - I had some listener questions to answer, more to ask Mike, etc. I ended feeling like there was a lot more to cover. I’m realizing that the stream-of-conscious stuff might lead to the best content, but not the best at managing the clock. At over 50 mins, this one is a long dong. Thanks for listening. —DAN