Ep295 - The Felt Rose (Classic)

In our last classic show before Eddie and I return for a brand new episode next week, we go WAY back to March of 2013 when the show was just starting out. This is a fun one, and a bit of a turning point for the show, because it was one of the first episodes where I shared a personal and gross story that has become the hallmark of what we do. Which of course we have leaned into and that's now our bag. Thanks again for hanging in there during our vacation! We can't wait to get back in action next week.


Classic show notes: I loved this show. Eddie and I talk eating placenta, Paul Rudd, March Madness, “Team Moms”, I pick up a “Felt Rose”, my son getting the game ball, Will Sasso on Vine, Nathan for You, a new segment “What’s Getting Your Goat” and more.