Ep293 - Jon Hendren (Classic)

Digging out one of my favorite interviews from the past! This one is from Feb of 2014 and has me talking to Jon Hendren (notorious as @fart on Twitter) about all sorts of things. As we move through our month of May vacation, I thought some of you new listeners might enjoy an older interview episode. This show brought on a bunch of new fans, and was our most popular interview. Maybe we start having guests again? Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy and if you are a fan of Jon's and new to the show, thanks for checking us out.


Classic show notes: Jon Hendren (@fart) joins the show for lots of twitter talk including his own process, how badly brands use it and ‘weird twitter,’ Something Awful, how Jon finds the strangest shit on the internet, Aaron Carter’s horny level, Smashmouth, how he eats lots of sardines and some cat chat. Also we discuss my Tea Party Handyman, True Detective, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, our favorite TGIF show, the movie RAD and more.