Ep269 - Eduardo Kevin Gallindo (Classic)

It's a holiday week and we'd really like to give thanks to you all for listening, whether you've been a fan for days, or weeks, or months, or even for yeeeaaaars, cuz, we'll be there for you. (sorry) But jokes aside we really do appreciate everyone's support. So during this holiday week when you're with friends, let 'em know about your favorite comedy podcast and which episode is your fave.

We'll be spending the holiday with our families and drinking 300 Coors Lights, so no new show. However I recorded a little intro to the very first time on Episode 25 five years ago when Eddie came on. We've come a long way! See you next week for a new show.


Original show notes: Keeping it in the family this week with special guest, my brother in law and my new neighbor Eddie. We talk about weekends, our kids and my first wet dream. Yes, that kind of wet dream. As if there's any other.

Ep268 - Jailbait

The holidays are coming and we are excited. We talk about being a shitty Thanksgiving chef, hiding gifts and bad things from your kids, plus some Louis CK chat (he’s trash), we fantasize about being politicians, trans-racial people, weird hygiene habits (finger nail clippings and hair etc.), we wonder if a sleazy browsing history is enough to put you in jail, we discuss if Eddie will circumcise his upcoming baby boy, update on my cat’s ball sack, booty girls on Instagram, egg nog is back on the menu and more! Special thanks to songfinch.com and bzrkaudio.com.

Ep267 - Cat Cum

Hello new listeners! Yes - that's the title of the show. No - we aren't that weird. Thanks for checking us out. We start the show and I’m sad (but not really) because my cat is getting neutered so we contemplate giving away his nads to a fan, or better yet his cum (sorry), I go food shopping and my kid’s dreams are dashed, a crusty old man shames me, and listeners Brian and Catherine get shamed for listening to our show! Plus lots of great listener questions (www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact), Snickers is garbage (and food as a reward), we find out what the sex of Eddie’s baby will be, I fantasize that Eddie is my sex ‘corner man’, special shoutout to AIM (RIP) and lots more.

Ep266 - Dirty Old Man

Social media has ruined everything! We discuss that a bit, plus some Trick or Treating talk, having Halloween on a Tuesday, Eddie’s office goes wild, shoutout to Dave Jackson for checking out our podcast on his podcast (https://podcastrodeoshow.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/save-it-for-the-show/). Plus listener ‘Red Folly' writes some long, weird and amazing erotic fan fiction on our subreddit about Eddie and me, we answer a lot of questions this week (www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact) and lot’s more. www.patreon.com/siftshow | store.saveitfortheshow.com.

Ep265 - Mexican Coke

Back and rocking. We talk a lot about Halloween (including my weird and bad costume, drinking and eating candy, talking to racists), plus Eddie has a big scare and has big news, being bad at doorbell ditching, discuss ‘weird food’ from the subreddit (and our new question is - what is a weird hygiene thing you do?), step-porn is still all the rage (including #tabitout), shoutout to listener Eric for the new show art, we talk a bit about Filipino letter F’s and I discuss my facial routine. The actual products I use on my old mug. Be sure to check out https://www.reddit.com/r/SaveItForTheShow/ | https://www.patreon.com/siftshow. Also I’m back on www.deadinsideshow.com. 

Ep264 - Thirteen (Re-run)

Hey everyone - bad news this week, we weren't able to record some new hot stuff. But fear not! I dug into the archives to pull out one of my fave shows that's a couple years old. Especially if you're a new listener, you'll like this one a lot. It was a popular one. We'll be back next week. 


Original show notes - Lots of funny kid stories on this one, including a filthy bath, my son gets a girlfriend, I win a baseball hat, fight a wolf, we talk about the dick size survey, enjoy munchpak.com and more. Walk-off song is “Paper Trails” by Joey Badass.