Ep263 - Hugging Eddie

Go see live music! I talk about taking my kids to Imagine Dragons (and how damned expensive the merch is), talk a bit about garbage person Harvey Weinstein (which leads me to discussing me being inadvertently inappropriate with my wife), Ghostbuster blowjobs, shoutout to sudiosweden.com, what it’s like hugging Eddie and so much more. Thanks for listening. 

Ep262 - Free Room Female

On this week’s show, we give a quick mention about the awful tragedy in Las Vegas. Then we discuss Eddie doing ‘Sober October’ - plus if wanting to drink everyday makes me an alcoholic, the documentary ‘What the Health’, summer sex vs. winter sex, dealing with racist relatives, Squarespace, getting a free room (housing) for being female, ‘vore’ porn and more. Drop us a review in iTunes this week if you can. Thanks!

Ep261 - Taste of the Wild

Time to relax and enjoy a show. I talk about being the king of ‘dad jokes’, share an epic story about my cat having an awful accident, shoutout to superfan Barbara who visits Eddie’s grandma’s store in Vegas, we discuss a study about what men and women focus on when watching porn, a road-head mishap, taking mushrooms in Bali, the ‘poop hack’ comes back again and lots more. Be sure to check out store.saveitfortheshow.com, www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow and this week's sponsor, bzrkaudio.com. Thanks for listening!

Ep260 - Bomb Pop

We are over so happy it’s Fall! We discuss how annoyed we are with summer, Bomb Pops, cool days, candy corn (is great!) and more. Plus striking it rich, shoutout to Julian Velard and Wefail, a listener gives birth listening to the show, a woman’s ‘life hack’ to curing her constipation, having good foot hygiene and a whole lot more. Hang out with us at www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow

Ep259 - Casual Racism

We tackle the big questions like, why is Ted Cruz jerking off on September 11th and PewDewPie dropping the n-word? Plus, Eddie gets some casual racism real quick in Fantasy Football, this week on ‘Save It for the Subreddit’ we discuss our first experiences with sex/masturbating (including erotic fiction, fisting, first porn, etc.), plus having sex with herpes, having sex with a married woman (don’t), writing a shitty book and lots more. Be sure to join us at www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow, check out store.saveitfortheshow.com and have a nice day! For next week's Sift Sub question let's discuss any great travel experiences - good, bad, ugly, sexy, etc.

Ep258 - Danny Fanny

Labor Day extravaganza. I go camping and face down death (with a big lipper in my mouth). Plus we talk about riding a motorcycle, incredible data from porn sites, having sex right before you tragically die, new segment - ‘This Week on Reddit’, we discuss being drunk or high at work, give some love advice, ponder giving my wife cooking lessons, if Neil DeGrasse Tyson likes our show and more. Drop us a review on iTunes if you can. Also check out www.patreon.com/siftshow and www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow. Thanks for listening.