Ep257 - Heaven's Kiss

I’m fasting and out of my mind! Eddie’s dad sits in briefly to talk about Mayweather/MacGregor and Beep Ribs! Plus I have a weird run-in with a cop, kids in high school are sad, my son’s school is accidentally racist, shoutout to bzrkaudio.com and Taylor Swift’s new song stinks (and her UPS partnership is complete crap). Plus lots of great bachelor party stories (strippers, squirting, passing out, etc.), softcore porn and shoutout to www.thewatchandtalk.com, I was on this week to talk about Game of Thrones. Make sure you hit up our subreddit at www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow and store.saveitfortheshow.com.

Ep256 - Putt Putt

It’s a total eclipse of my heart on this week’s episode. We discuss eclipse mania and burning out your damned eyes, respecting animals you eat, doing some sweaty putt-putt and go-kart racing. Plus we talk about the classic movie ‘Never Ending Story’, taking about ‘bins’ and ‘sick’ in tents with English Paul, we talk about our subreddit (/r/saveitfortheshow), I regret never being a ‘best man’ in a wedding, VR Porn and old-school Jenna Jameson porn, my wife is a terrible cook and more!

Ep254 - Water Park

School is back in session. I’m thrilled to be away from my kids, and Eddie’s kid is a dirty liar! I go to a water park with my family and of course it’s an adventure. Plus having sex with a horse, skipping a bachelor party, pooping in public, sharing porn with friends and more. Send us in your favorite show quotes/jokes from the podcast and we’ll add them to our https://www.instagram.com/siftshow/ page and give you a shoutout. Also if you played Fantasy Football with us last year, be sure to email me that you want to play or I’ll have to give you the boot.

Ep253 - John Mayer

Oh what a show. We talk about our John Mayer experience (and it will make sense why we named the episode that once you listen). It’s a big night out for Eddie and me. We dance, we sing, we do karaoke. Plus we talk about me being a ‘mean person’, I take an Ed Sheehan joke too far with my wife, shoutout to www.instagram.com/flapjackthecorgi, trimming armpit hair, mysteries amongst partners, being a male gynecologist, staring at dicks on the train and a ton more. Also - Fantasy Football is back! If you want to play email me at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com while we figure this out.

Ep252 - Quinn's Law


Eddie and I ponder taking severe action to make the show more popular. Plus we discuss letting your kid wear weird clothes, people choking in public, stealing candy from the market, John Wick 2 is an awful movie, we’re going to see John Mayer, I lie to my friends, do you know any killers and lots more.