The absolute number one thing you can do is tell your friends about the show! Sharing is caring, and really the best way to help is by posting about the show on your social feeds or telling your mom about the show. We do really well with moms.

We also have a Patreon account that you are more than welcome to contribute to.Or I'll use this for hosting the site, Soundcloud, advertising, merchandise, equipment etc. 100% of what you give goes back into making this thing the best god-damned thing on the internet.

Also, if you want to give some money and have me do/say/interview someone I am super open to that too. That would be fun. Throw some money in the tin cup, shoot me an email and let's chat.

Or if you're some rich weirdo who wants to straight up donate money, you can just give me some dough through PayPal.

You can also rate us in iTunes which is worth a lot as well.

We made a silly Amazon Wish List. Or you can always buy Dan an iTunes gift card so he can buy packs of cards on Hearthstone.

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