Jokes & Clips

Riffs, bits, jokes, stories, 'siftlets' - sometimes there's a perfect short clip from the show that stands out on it's own. We'll be collecting them on this page! It's also a great page to share for new listeners who want a quick taste of what the show is like, without forcing them to listen to 60 minutes of two strangers talking. Because that's a hard-sell my friend.
Consider this your soft-sell and a fun thing to check out. (And the show isn't only about sex and fluids, I swear)


"Still Finished"

The true reason hotels have tiny bottles of lotion. 

"Perineum Play"

What's the right way to measure your dangus?

"Sex Towel"

Be careful what you use to 'clean up' with...

"Three Women"

Three beautiful women can't just visit a man anymore.


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