Ep292 - Birth Story (Classic)

Rejoice! Eddie had his kid! And baby Remy and his wife are doing just lovely. While Eddie is on paternity leave, the show is going to take a breather for the month of May as well.

I am going to post some classic shows, maybe some solo bits, etc. But we're going to use this time to recharge our batteries and consider the direction of the show.

It's been nearly 6 years and 300 episodes! And it's time to make sure we are as proud and as happy with what we're doing as ever. I urge you (whether you've been listening for 3 days or 3 years) to reach out to us. Let me know what you like about the show and what you don't what you wish we did more of, etc. Thanks for your support and listening! saveitfortheshow@gmail.com / www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact


Classic show notes: New show about my daughter Quinn’s birth, and all the fun, weird stuff that happened at the hospital. Plus I begin my quest to start a feud with local awful radio personalities Rob, Arnie and Dawn.

Ep291 - Top Shelf Placenta

Eddie’s lovely wife is going to have a baby any day! We talk about that, giving birth and more. Plus a little on the Boy Scouts, Kanye West, and a huge fajita scam that blows my mind. A listener has some serious accusations against me and we get an update from our tea friend Geoff. It's a fun one, thanks for listening.

Ep290 - The World's Most Relatable Podcast

Eddie and I discuss how our show is super relatable to everyone! And what would happen if one day it wasn’t because we were famous and had a butler. I’m back on keto and pissed about it. Plus avoiding a sunburn and the three ways a man can go swimming, being a dad with a sport cart, I teach my kid some new bad words, some great voicemails, re-stealing your own property, pee stream logic, being an RA in a dorm is weird, why reading books is cool and oh so much more.

Ep289 - Jenkums

When was the last time you punched a friend? We discuss this plus my wife’s birthday (spoiler alert: I blow it), a terrible calamity befalls poor Eddie, we discuss how video games have given us terrible hero fantasies, why strippers don’t take ‘Square’, discuss the prison drug ‘jenkums’, when your legs ‘fall asleep’ on the toilet, shout out to our www.patreon.com/siftshow patrons, new sponsor www.mybcasino.ar and all sorts of more. Thanks for listening!

Ep288 - Bidet

After a week off, the show is back and we are rip-roaring and have a lot of weird and gross fun. This is a great episode, we had a blast recording it. I go on a tour of San Francisco (the homeless people! the startups!) and Los Angeles (the bidets!) and have an interaction with Paul from Roanoke, I get spooked while camping and wish I had a gun, I clarify whether or not I am ‘thirsty’, I have fun with a new advertiser www.mybcasino.ar (yes that’s a real URL), we contemplate doing a ‘listener census’, jerking off laying down in bed (cum-brellas!), plus the Tick, Aeon Flux and a bunch more.

Ep287 - Rag Time (Classic)

Your best friends are back on their bullshit this week and couldn't do a show. We made a little intro to bring you one of my fave epsidodes ever, Ep197 - Red Wings. It's a hoot. New show next week. Thanks for hanging in their Sifties.


Original show notes:

God damned Dads and Grads. We wax poetic about being a dad and Father’s Day plus Eddie and I go to a shooting range! Is Obama on Reddit? I wonder if I drink too much (probably), have we ever had a gay experience, do we get down with ‘red wings’, would we check out each other’s dicks at a urinal and so much more.