Ep277 - Athleisure Dad

Eddie and I take our relationship to the next level and he gifts me his pants. We discuss this and why men don’t share clothes, the agony of kid’s trying out for sports, people who went crazy when they thought the world was going to end (and what they might have done), we discuss Stormy Daniels, all the recent porn star deaths and more. Plus a fissure update, we talk about doing ‘serious dancing’, a throwback discussion of ‘tastebuds on your dick’, and a whole lot more including an ironic Siftstory where we discuss doing a video of the show.

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Ep276 - Fissure

My garage is over run with vermin! We discuss the trials and tribulations of this, plus my likely heritage, a little bit about Aziz Ansari, I have a cry for help regarding anal fissures, lots of listeners questions and voicemails (send yours in at saveitfortheshow@gmail.com and www.saveitfortheshow.com) and so much more. Be sure to check out the live video and stream of the show on YouTube and our patreon.com/siftshow. Thanks for listening.

Ep275 - Barista

You know the show loves data, so we do a deep dive on all the incredible data in porn from 2017. It’s fascinating and you’re going to love it. And yes ’step’ porn is as big as you think. Plus, I’m getting in deep with a Starbucks barista (and making bad friends at Baja Fresh), I breakdown a special relationship I have with a listener (I don’t want to spoil it in the notes!) and lots more. We’re live streaming the show now! Check it out here and subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4FBylSjEaY

Ep274 - Season Pass

The holiday was amazing and we are thrilled to be back! It's a hilarious episode marred by some technical difficulties. We talk about our new holiday tradition, Eddie’s family parties HARD, I go to an amusement park and allllll sorts of crazy shit happens, people who fall asleep listening to the show, bit of a book review, having a connected home and lots more.

Again please note: Sadly for some reason my mic seems to be dying and was cutting in and out the entire show. I tried to splice in some audio from our video recording, but it’s not perfect. Seemed better to post it this way than nothing at all. We missed you guys too much. Major apologies guys, it’s getting sorted for next week.

Ep273 - The Sifties (Classic)

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday! Here's a throwback episode full of great holiday cheer and frivolity from 2014. We'll be back in 2018 ready to make it our best and biggest year ever. Thanks for listening.


(Original show notes) - Final show of 2014, and it’s a great one! We discuss our Amazon Wishlist and the anal beads to great length. Lots of holiday talk like how stupid Christmas cards are, how great holiday parties are, the history of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” how Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer is actually a terrible story. And most importantly we discuss our best show, best guest and a surprise guest (Eddie’s dad). Plus we discuss “The Interview” and my son needing a suppository to hilarious result. Thanks for another great year.

Ep272 - Intrigue & Humor

Shoutout to those celebrating Hanukkah and your ‘sabbath’ mode appliances. I live out a rock-star dream during karaoke which leads to some holiday ‘serious singing’ on the show! Plus a Fantasy Football update, the crazy story about the bullied kid Keaton, we wonder what Eddie and I should get for Xmas (including inappropriate gifts), getting a haircut, racial stereotypes and more. By the way - Eddie’s mic unplugged around the 57 minute mark without us knowing in case you wonder why he nearly disappears! Bush league! Sorry! Check out the store! Happy holidays. We love you.