Ep265 - Mexican Coke

Back and rocking. We talk a lot about Halloween (including my weird and bad costume, drinking and eating candy, talking to racists), plus Eddie has a big scare and has big news, being bad at doorbell ditching, discuss ‘weird food’ from the subreddit (and our new question is - what is a weird hygiene thing you do?), step-porn is still all the rage (including #tabitout), shoutout to listener Eric for the new show art, we talk a bit about Filipino letter F’s and I discuss my facial routine. The actual products I use on my old mug. Be sure to check out https://www.reddit.com/r/SaveItForTheShow/ | https://www.patreon.com/siftshow. Also I’m back on www.deadinsideshow.com. 

Ep264 - Thirteen (Re-run)

Hey everyone - bad news this week, we weren't able to record some new hot stuff. But fear not! I dug into the archives to pull out one of my fave shows that's a couple years old. Especially if you're a new listener, you'll like this one a lot. It was a popular one. We'll be back next week. 


Original show notes - Lots of funny kid stories on this one, including a filthy bath, my son gets a girlfriend, I win a baseball hat, fight a wolf, we talk about the dick size survey, enjoy munchpak.com and more. Walk-off song is “Paper Trails” by Joey Badass.

Ep263 - Hugging Eddie

Go see live music! I talk about taking my kids to Imagine Dragons (and how damned expensive the merch is), talk a bit about garbage person Harvey Weinstein (which leads me to discussing me being inadvertently inappropriate with my wife), Ghostbuster blowjobs, shoutout to sudiosweden.com, what it’s like hugging Eddie and so much more. Thanks for listening. 

Ep262 - Free Room Female

On this week’s show, we give a quick mention about the awful tragedy in Las Vegas. Then we discuss Eddie doing ‘Sober October’ - plus if wanting to drink everyday makes me an alcoholic, the documentary ‘What the Health’, summer sex vs. winter sex, dealing with racist relatives, Squarespace, getting a free room (housing) for being female, ‘vore’ porn and more. Drop us a review in iTunes this week if you can. Thanks!

Ep261 - Taste of the Wild

Time to relax and enjoy a show. I talk about being the king of ‘dad jokes’, share an epic story about my cat having an awful accident, shoutout to superfan Barbara who visits Eddie’s grandma’s store in Vegas, we discuss a study about what men and women focus on when watching porn, a road-head mishap, taking mushrooms in Bali, the ‘poop hack’ comes back again and lots more. Be sure to check out store.saveitfortheshow.com, www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow and this week's sponsor, bzrkaudio.com. Thanks for listening!

Ep260 - Bomb Pop

We are over so happy it’s Fall! We discuss how annoyed we are with summer, Bomb Pops, cool days, candy corn (is great!) and more. Plus striking it rich, shoutout to Julian Velard and Wefail, a listener gives birth listening to the show, a woman’s ‘life hack’ to curing her constipation, having good foot hygiene and a whole lot more. Hang out with us at www.reddit.com/r/saveitfortheshow