Ep252 - Quinn's Law


Eddie and I ponder taking severe action to make the show more popular. Plus we discuss letting your kid wear weird clothes, people choking in public, stealing candy from the market, John Wick 2 is an awful movie, we’re going to see John Mayer, I lie to my friends, do you know any killers and lots more.

Ep250 - Coconut Oil

Big silver quarter century show! I throw on my #dadhat and talk about landscaping my house. Plus getting skin cancer, we wonder if we should we talk about certain topics on the show, discuss dick pics, coconut oil as lube, blind podcast listeners, Eddie loves boxing, ice cream and booze and more. We have a new podcast host - Libsyn! Shoutout to those guys. 

Ep249 - The Long Weekend

Full-blown show full of good stuff. We talk about my trip to Minneapolis (including a deep-dive on a strip club), what went down on the Fourth of July (with a 4-day weekend!), people who give shitty talks at conferences, my new #derpypersian cat named Gus, what’s up with balls, watching porn at work, TV show opening credits (to skip or not to skip) and much more!

Ep247 - Triscuit

Lord it’s hot outside! We talk the weather, a Father’s Day recap, Eddie shoots a bunch of guns, awful ‘prank’ YouTubers, sugar free candy, I’m in a huge beef with Triscuit and go DEEP about how much I hate their marketing and website, hidden Netflix gems, ‘Skin-e-max’ actors and much more. Unfortunate head's up - very good chance Eddie and I won't be together next week. And you know how the saying goes...if Eddie can't do the show...