Ep237 - Flip Flop Guy

Spring is here and we’re in the mood. We talk going to the Drive-In, Beauty & the Beast (and Emma Watson), we discuss pop culture current events a bit (Pepsi, United, this Wendy’s chicken nugget idiot), shoutout to Topografiawine.com, I try out Fiverr, little bit on beastiality (of course), Flip Flop guy returns with a voicemail about the ‘butt tissue’, being ‘blessed’, the show Bunk’d which is racist and stinks and more!

Ep236 - Wet Paper Towel

Eddie and I (just Eddie and I!) are back in business. We read a bunch of listener reviews of the last show with Dylan (spoiler alert - the rudester ghouls are out), plus we also talk ‘Toastmasters’, bad verbal crutches, some shady people in my neighborhood, my son is going through sex education in school (plus ‘sex in a wheel chair’), Mike Pence not having dinner with women, I help someone in a public restroom, killing someone to make our show famous (we won’t), a little bit about S-Town and more!

Ep235 - Hijacked

Good buddy Dylan Schuck is in town for a wedding so he stops by the studio and sits down with Eddie and I for a fun mess of a show. We talk about going to Disneyland, some awful song that Dylan made (it’s really bad - myspace.com/schuckmusic), an ‘Irish Goodbye’, a charity drive for underwear, we debate if I am going to murder Dylan or him me, going to a strip club in drag and lots more. Follow Dylan @schuckster on Twitter and listen to our Walking Dead recap podcast at www.deadinsideshow.com. If you're new to our podcast, this isn't the first show to listen to, lol.

Ep234 - English Cucumber

How great are sweat pants? We go deep on ‘athleisure’ and multi-level marketing, plus cops having legal sex with prostitutes, abandoned dogs, I buy something from a weirdo stranger, new section of the site - www.saveitfortheshow.com/jokes (share it with a friend!), English Paul gets a girl’s number, having anxiety and passing it on to your kids, my new favorite band The Lemon Twigs and Dave Chapelle’s new special.

Ep233 - Michelada

Bit of a SXSW recap (lots of drinking and no masturbating) with a major shoutout to @mattbesser, @JakeHurwitz, @jakeandamir and @laughable plus a woman sits on my lap, my son is in a very intense Spelling Bee, we give some great drinking tips, some summer music recommendations, how porn is based on stories not sex anymore (bonus: nazi porn), why Simply Orange juice is garbage and more! Send us questions - www.saveitfortheshow.com.

Ep232 - Cigar Bar

I visit a local strip mall cigar bar! And of course it’s quite an experience. I bother a stranger on accident, going viral on the internet and then being vilified, we discuss all my 3 Doors Down tattoos, Mexico time share scams, calling your spouse ‘mommy’, we ask listeners to share the show (and you can use #trypod when you do!), we talk about the new ‘smart’ condom and all the fun metrics that would come from it and I wonder if my retainer is full of cancer and germs? Plus a shout out to our Patreon Patrons and we talk about 'Missing Richard Simmons'.