Ep233 - Michelada

Bit of a SXSW recap (lots of drinking and no masturbating) with a major shoutout to @mattbesser, @JakeHurwitz, @jakeandamir and @laughable plus a woman sits on my lap, my son is in a very intense Spelling Bee, we give some great drinking tips, some summer music recommendations, how porn is based on stories not sex anymore (bonus: nazi porn), why Simply Orange juice is garbage and more! Send us questions - www.saveitfortheshow.com.

Ep232 - Cigar Bar

I visit a local strip mall cigar bar! And of course it’s quite an experience. I bother a stranger on accident, going viral on the internet and then being vilified, we discuss all my 3 Doors Down tattoos, Mexico time share scams, calling your spouse ‘mommy’, we ask listeners to share the show (and you can use #trypod when you do!), we talk about the new ‘smart’ condom and all the fun metrics that would come from it and I wonder if my retainer is full of cancer and germs? Plus a shout out to our Patreon Patrons and we talk about 'Missing Richard Simmons'.

Ep231 - Indigo Children

Hooray show! I get weird with my wife’s sweat! But it’s cool. Also panty sniffing, getting famous for the wrong reasons, bogus charities, I have a run-in with a mystical man in the grocery store (indigo children), ass washcloths and more! Check out store.saveitfortheshow.com for gear, leave us a review on iTunes if you haven't and shoutout to any patreon.com/siftshow sponsors. We love you.

Ep230 - Morning Sex

I dream about new career ventures (maybe being a cam girl pimp), our exhaustion with the news, Irish Spring soap commercials, using your girl’s vagina soap, being a dirty trash roommate, Eddie is having morning sex (we go deep on what it takes to make a baby), ‘pre-workout’ drinks making me crazy, someone farts on me at the gym, we give some cooking advice, books on tape and more! Be sure to check out http://store.saveitfortheshow.com and saveitfortheshow.com/contact.

Ep229 - Birthday

Birthday show! My bday falls on recording day, and we have fun. We talk about Valentine’s Day (and sex of course), I ‘research' cam girl sites and discuss it, my cat violates me, the book ‘1984’, the TV show ‘Legion' and lots of listener questions spanning sex, the bathroom and everything else you expect. Send in your own questions at saveitfortheshow.com/contact and check out www.deadinsideshow.com for my Walking Dead podcast with Dylan Schuck.

Ep228 - Cat Call

We’re back and raging! We talk about the paradox of being sick, don’t buy your girl flowers, getting free food from work, drinking in Salt Lake City, I go to a protest, liberal advertising, I inadvertently cat call and terrify a woman, washing with your girl’s soap, rehoming a dog, incest porn, using ‘butt tissue’ and so much more.