Ep297 - Crying Assplay

Father’s Day came and went, and Eddie and I are feeling the love. We discuss the fun and silly things we did. Plus we discuss Anthony Bourdain, hanging yourself, returning things to the store, selling drugs, Kim Jong Un’s poops, talking to your partner about trying ‘butt stuff’, choosing/regretting to get married and so much more. Thanks for listening!

Ep296 - Diamonds

NEW SHOW! Your boys are back in town and absolutely rocking it. Feels great to be back in the hot seat making jokes and telling stories. We talk about Eddie’s new baby (including umbilical cords, sex, being in heaven and watching people crank one out etc.), I have a ‘bird’ experience in Home Depot, a huge ‘live photo’ mishap, buying a diamond and a ton more stuff. Biggest change after a month off? Nothing. We are refreshed and happy, but we are going to move to a bi-weekly schedule. Keep the questions and comments coming: www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact We love you.

Ep295 - The Felt Rose (Classic)

In our last classic show before Eddie and I return for a brand new episode next week, we go WAY back to March of 2013 when the show was just starting out. This is a fun one, and a bit of a turning point for the show, because it was one of the first episodes where I shared a personal and gross story that has become the hallmark of what we do. Which of course we have leaned into and that's now our bag. Thanks again for hanging in there during our vacation! We can't wait to get back in action next week.


Classic show notes: I loved this show. Eddie and I talk eating placenta, Paul Rudd, March Madness, “Team Moms”, I pick up a “Felt Rose”, my son getting the game ball, Will Sasso on Vine, Nathan for You, a new segment “What’s Getting Your Goat” and more.

Ep294 - Dad Dick (Classic)

Nothing like seeing what your parents are working with downstairs! For this week's classic episode I dig back to episode #126 - Dad Dick from January of 2015. It's a really fun one, I know you'll dig it. 


Classic notes: One of my most favorite shows yet. Tons of funny in this one. Eddie and I discuss holiday drinking, he’s doing “Biggest Loser” at work, my father-in-law gifted me deodorant, I saw my dad’s dick (spoiler: it was pretty big), Eddie and I play Lazer Tag and bully a bunch of kids, I describe a “Bubbie Butt”, I give an update on my “yeard” (a beard I’m growing for an entire year), I share a filthy story about my dog and the toilet, our new sponsor “Nature Box”, I discuss my newfound enjoyment of “ASMR” and how it lead to a poor buying decision for my wife and more!

Ep293 - Jon Hendren (Classic)

Digging out one of my favorite interviews from the past! This one is from Feb of 2014 and has me talking to Jon Hendren (notorious as @fart on Twitter) about all sorts of things. As we move through our month of May vacation, I thought some of you new listeners might enjoy an older interview episode. This show brought on a bunch of new fans, and was our most popular interview. Maybe we start having guests again? Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy and if you are a fan of Jon's and new to the show, thanks for checking us out.


Classic show notes: Jon Hendren (@fart) joins the show for lots of twitter talk including his own process, how badly brands use it and ‘weird twitter,’ Something Awful, how Jon finds the strangest shit on the internet, Aaron Carter’s horny level, Smashmouth, how he eats lots of sardines and some cat chat. Also we discuss my Tea Party Handyman, True Detective, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, our favorite TGIF show, the movie RAD and more.

Ep292 - Birth Story (Classic)

Rejoice! Eddie had his kid! And baby Remy and his wife are doing just lovely. While Eddie is on paternity leave, the show is going to take a breather for the month of May as well.

I am going to post some classic shows, maybe some solo bits, etc. But we're going to use this time to recharge our batteries and consider the direction of the show.

It's been nearly 6 years and 300 episodes! And it's time to make sure we are as proud and as happy with what we're doing as ever. I urge you (whether you've been listening for 3 days or 3 years) to reach out to us. Let me know what you like about the show and what you don't what you wish we did more of, etc. Thanks for your support and listening! saveitfortheshow@gmail.com / www.saveitfortheshow.com/contact


Classic show notes: New show about my daughter Quinn’s birth, and all the fun, weird stuff that happened at the hospital. Plus I begin my quest to start a feud with local awful radio personalities Rob, Arnie and Dawn.